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The Driving Blog

Driving and the Environment


The manner you drive would affect the influence your car has on the environment. The ecosafe driving is all about keeping its influence at a minimum. Driving in ecosafe manner at this link will make your travel a lot more comfortable, decrease your fuel bills as well as decrease the emission that are dangerous to the environment. It is not hard to do either, the most vital things are to drive very well which means sharp acceleration, stop go drive since this will utilize more fuel as well as heavy braking; empty the boot as well as take away the roof racks that are not utilized; maintain your car so as to keep it working effectively; load your car very well if you are not utilizing the roof rack in order to stop creating so much air resistance; plan your route so that you can prevent congestion and road works, switch off the engine if you are stationary for more than a number of minutes; as well as drive off as soon as you can after you start the engine: contemporary cards don't necessitate a warm up.


Choosing a car - the electric cars are a lot cleaner to run in contrast to the petrol or diesel engine cars. You can obtain a grant towards the cost o purchasing an electric van or car: about 25 percent off the cost of a vehicle up to a maximum of 5000 pounds and 20 percent off the cost of a van to a maximum of 8000 pounds. The grant is available for EVs or electric vehicles, hydrogen fueled cell vehicles as well as PHEVs or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.  To know more about driving instructors, visit


The association between climate change and fuel consumption -  the vehicles generate about 2.3 kg of carbon dioxide for each and every liter of gasoline that they burn and about 2.7 kg of carbon dioxide for every liter of diesel they consume. The emissions of carbon dioxide add up right away which then trap the heat from the sun close to the surface of the Earth increasing the global temperature.


And this can lead to sea levels to rise which leads to infrastructure damages and erosion, prolonged drought and warming which make the forest more prone to insect infestations and fires, as well as summers to increase, decreasing the quality of air in the urban areas and compromising the health of people who are affected with asthma and other kinds of respiratory problems.  Visit this link at for more info!